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storytelling marketing fi
The Power of the Story The power of storytelling marketing is integral to the human experience. In its most primal form, storytelling served as a way for people to make meaning out of the world around them, and in turn, pass that meaning down between generations. Over the centuries, the power of the story has […]
Core Web Vitals SEO
Google search as we know it has seen a significant facelift. To further optimize their platform, Google released a major algorithm update in mid-June to enhance its users’ browsing experience. The page experience rollout encompasses several ranking factors in its scoring. The latest being Google Core Web Vitals, which is relatively new to the SEO […]
creative digital marketing
We are living in an age where marketers can reach more people, more users, more potential students than ever before thanks to the vastness of the internet. Users can consume ads across multiple platforms and different devices based on who they are and what they interact with. At Edufficient, we pride ourselves on the ability […]
Mobile Optimization
Mobile optimization has emerged in the digital age making dial-up Internet and slow loading websites a pain point of the past. In higher education specifically, mobile technology has played an increasingly greater role. It’s safe to say mobile devices have taken over the world. With just a few clicks in the search engines, students can […]
Selling Education
Not many people dream of having a career in education sales but I can honestly say that I love my job at Edufficient and adore the education market. Selling education is easy when I have the opportunity to affect the process that provides the gift of education for people that are looking to change their […]
Pay Per Lead Marketing
If you are responsible for meeting enrollment goals for educational programs or products, you know that bringing in new students is the lifeblood to meeting goals. With so much competition, you might have determined that you need to hire a costly professional marketing team to help you break through the noise and reach your target […]
Lead Generation for Education
Increasing ROI for University and College Enrollments With increasing competition in the education sector, colleges and universities grapple to find students to get admissions. However, it’s no more a cakewalk- not even for Ivy League colleges in the United States. This is especially true amid the current COVID-19 situation. The entire sector is getting more […]
Enrollment Marketing Strategy
Many higher education institutions in today’s competitive environment struggle with meeting their enrollment goals. Is your institution one of them that needs to re-examine your enrollment marketing strategy? Chances are you could reach your goal of raising enrollment rates by applying a better plan to market your school’s programs. Are your admission offices at the […]
Voice Search Optimization
Just when you thought optimizing your website for search on desktop browsers was becoming tough, optimizing your website for mobile search comes along. Once you are almost at peace with the fact that you might have mobile search engine optimization down, then along comes optimizing your website for voice search. Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and […]
marketing automation featured
One of the great things about the Edufficient lead platform is its ability to integrate and connect with some of the most cutting edge marketing tools in the industry.  Adding marketing automation platforms and management to our arsenal has garnered tremendous success for our clients. Through our experience, we have evaluated, tested, and managed many […]

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