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College and University Partnerships

Edufficient partners with Colleges and Universities who want to grow their enrollments, while focusing on what they do best, which is provide quality education and services for their students.  For all the benefits the digital age has had for your college or university, it’s certainly introduced new challenges. Today, prospective students can research hundreds of schools in a matter of minutes, making it more difficult for your college or university to stand out.  This is where a partner relationship can pay off in dividends.

From soup to nuts, to a la carte, we can bundle all of the services together or simply fill in the areas where you want to improve. 

But increasing enrollment rates requires more than just being found on the web. Our goal is to create an incredible digital experience for your school. It’s for that reason we have provided the ability for qualified colleges to partner with us and our partners allowing them to focus on providing the best education while we and our partners handle the advertising, enrollment, and even the financial aid aspects. We help you grow without compromise.

Through our partnerships, we make our clients’ schools stand out through our strategic campaigns that increase enrollments and brand exposure in the areas where prospective students are most engaged. From Google to Facebook, directories, and countless other marketing channels, our goal is to make your brand easy to find and impossible to ignore.

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