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Edufficient technology features that provide our advantage through efficiency:

Technology Tooling

Custom Dashboards

Speed to Market

Easy Integrations

Advanced Payout Options

Inquiry Form/Tracking

Customized Reporting

Library of Delivery Methods

Advanced Analytics

On-going Feature Development

Edufficient’s web-based administrative tools and dashboards are built using W3C cross-browser, cross-platform standards; including the world-renowned jQuery JavaScript framework and user interface libraries that work seamlessly alongside Twitter Bootstrap display and tooling libraries. This state of the art framework is the de-facto standard in next generation application development.

As an advanced framework it is not only the optimal choice for web-based applications but also provides an inherent ability to behave consistently across a wide range of mobile computing devices for affiliate widgets, mobile-ready sites as well as Android and iPhone apps as needed. The application is further supported by Server-side technology that is 100% Java-based. JVM languages and tools are mostly known for their flexibility, speed and easy integration with one another and a variety of other client-side technologies, providing a rock-solid, fast, and powerful application development platform.

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