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We Are a Performance-Based Marketing Agency

Edufficient a Division of PX, is one of the fastest-growing results-driven performance advertising management agency specializing in higher education. Our objective is to facilitate long-term sustainable growth for colleges and universities through intelligent media buying, digital marketing, stringent compliance, detailed vendor management, innovative technology, drill-down analytics, and progressive methodology.

Edufficient is Your Internal Marketing Team

By serving as an extension of a school’s internal marketing team, we share their enrollment and start objectives and work with them to achieve their budgeted goals in the short and long terms. Founders, David Flack, and Tom Ferrara key drivers in having shifted the industry from focusing on inquiry quantity to inquiry quality. Leading the way as pioneering advocates for clients’ rights to more transparent marketing processes.

They paved the way for schools to recover control of their online marketing efforts by instituting an inquiry management system based on the principles of accountability, compliance, and performance. All of these elements are prominent principles of CUnet now called Sparkroom, which was founded by David Flack and Tom Ferrara in 2003. The marketing strategies that were exposed to the industry through CUnet became widespread as more emphasis on performance became important.

A New Era in Higher Education Marketing

Since leaving CUnet in 2008, Tom and David felt that more needed to be done to advance the movement they helped promote. And now that there is an unprecedented emphasis on compliance and the responsibility of schools’ marketing and admissions departments have increased, Edufficient was designed to partner with schools and inquiry providers to further evolve the industry through honest, more advanced marketing strategies. Through innovative techniques and management, Edufficient caters to the ever-changing needs of schools.

Tom Ferrara is the Co-founder and CEO of Edufficient. Tom is widely regarded as a pioneer and key innovator in the Higher Education Marketing and Performance-based marketing industries. As co-founder and CEO of CUnet, Tom developed many groundbreaking products and services- including the Partner Inquiry Management System. This led CUnet to quickly develop into one of the premier full-service agencies in the space, as they partnered with over 400 colleges and universities- providing inquiry management and recruitment services.

Edufficient is now part of PX

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