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Expert Web Design for Higher Education

We know education inside and out because that is all we do.  Don’t trust your college or university website to an agency that doesn’t have a core-competency in education marketing.  Understanding the nuances of your target audience undoubtedly makes for the best web design for higher education.  

Engaging with your prospects, students, alumni, and academic community requires an education-specialized approach to web design. With deep-rooted expertise that goes far beyond the “mixed-focus” of multi-verticle website design companies, Edufficient helps you exceed your enrollment goals and brings your brand to life on the web.

We’re not bragging, we just know how important it is to have a state-of-the-art website that STANDS STRONG at the foundation of your overall marketing strategy.

More About Our Approach to Impactful Web Design

While it’s true, we are experts in education web design, we are also a team of highly accomplished marketers. We’re not bragging, we just know how important it is that our education clients are not only getting state-of-the-art web design for higher education services but a website that STANDS STRONG at the foundation of your overall marketing strategy. Of course, our approach to web design for higher education is user-centric and most certainly includes all the best practices utilized by professional web developers but also fits into your larger marketing plan supporting just about any size marketing mix.

Think Like Your Prospects

Basically, higher ed website users that are researching their educational opportunities aren’t that different from online retail consumers. Much in the same way online shoppers research and select products, student prospects will research and select programs. There is, however, one major difference.

The consideration cycle is longer and requires a larger amount of nurturing. These differences between retail and higher ed consumer behavior are obviously amplified because of the levity embedded in the life-changing decision that impacts their educational journey. These differences aside, the “buyer behavor” portion of the consumer life cycle is more or less the same. Edufficient designs websites using an information architecture that strategically places content in an organized hierarchy. This well-designed taxonomy maximizes lead nurturing and directs prospects toward conversion.

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Stunning UX Design and Super Easy Usability

First and foremost an education-focused web design must be usable, no matter how aesthetically pleasing. It’s imperative that your higher education website loads quickly and is easy to navigate. In fact, there is an inherent danger that exists when aesthetics themselves negatively impact a design and render it unusable. 

These usability requirements for mobile-friendly UX is more important than with the growth of mobile phone use among our collective demographic. Edufficient embraces user experience as it is critical in the conversion of your website visitors to enrollment.

The talented web designers at Edufficient know that every website asset needs to be carefully thought out. CTAs (Call-to-actions) must be easy to understand and immediately identifiable.  Every web asset is designed with the purpose to satisfy your user’s expectations and aid them in their educational journey.

Our web development process also relies heavily on usability testing throughout the UX design phase. This enables us to make special note of any issues your specific demographic may encounter.  With sophisticated CRO testing tools, we trend repeated conversion barriers and implement the changes needed to rectify.

Education Content That Nurtures and Converts

We take measures to understand the plight of your users and the challenges education-seekers face.  They are humans, not robots, so the language and copywriting created by our highly trained education writers are fine-tuned to appeal to these specific (human) and academic needs. 

Gone are the days of using sterile copy and academically written course catalog content. The newer web-savvy education consumers go out of their way to avoid overly technical terms or flowery language.  Simple, well-written content that is clean and quickly consumable creates the best environment for re-occurring conversions.

The structure of the content is also vitally important.  Our web design teams not only understand good content structure but apply the principles of SEO friendly architecture.  This dual skill set ensures that your content is easily discovered by your users as well as search engine spiders

Content Management Systems (CMS) Experience

The designers/developers at Edufficient are well trained and highly experienced in most of today’s modern CMSs. Content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento have a large presence among our portfolios.  Not only are we experts at using them, but our developers have created a suite of features and plugins that are education-based.  These higher education web features are designed specifically for our industry and easily integrate into most CMS platforms.

Our Web Designers are Also Digital Marketers

Again, we don’t mean to brag but, Edufficient’s higher ed web design team is also well versed in multi-channel digital marketing. This cross-trained skillset is not only valuable in the initial design architecture phase but also in an on-going capacity when it comes to designing features and attribution models that make the most of your digital marketing efforts.

Let’s Get You Started With Web Design for Higher Education!

Helping our clients with education web design is only the beginning. Our holistic approach to education marketing goes far beyond your website. With this in mind, we can absolutely create a website that does well on its own but also fits perfectly into the rest of your integrated marketing plan. Please see some recent case studies where we helped our education clients achieve the success we’d also like to bring to you. Let us help you with your online presence.

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