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How We Help Your Enrollment Success

Edufficient’s Enrollment Services Division is a suite of services that can create efficiency at every stage of your school’s enrollment funnel. From prospect to class start, our admissions-trained enrollment teams combine time-tested communication guidelines with your school’s unique value proposition. Our collaborative approach to the enrollment process also considers the best representation of your school’s brand, compliance requirements, and ongoing feedback.

Cost-Effective Enrollment Growth

We are driving cost-effective enrollment growth, growth to scale, and new operations rollouts. focused on increasing enrollment rates and lowering the overall cost per start for individual campus & online schools or large school groups.

Enrollment Services We Offer:

  • Fielding of prospect inquiries via phone, text, email, or online systems
  • Outbound dialing & outreach.
  • Enrolling students with online applications.
  • Gathering required documents (transcripts, forms, etc.).
  • Pending student follow-up thru the starts (Stitch-in Process).
  • Calling students who are absent.

Our / Your Enrollment Teams

Our team members created the Enrollment Services Division by combining their experiences in operating admissions at various locations in Proprietary Education, Non-Profit/ Traditional Colleges Education & OPM Online Program Management. With experience in large Multi-Campus & National online schools, OPM for traditional schools online initiatives, and small campus locations. In addition to one of the most experienced full-service enrollment advertising & marketing agencies who has served the needs of hundreds of colleges and universities spanning over 18 years.

Positions previously held by our Admissions Advisors include:

  • Vice President of Admissions
  • CMO, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director of Admissions Large Public OPM
  • Senior Vice President of Admissions and Marketing
  • Regional Director of Admission
  • Executive Director
  • Vice President of Admissions & Marketing
  • Directors of Admission
  • Education Call Center Manager
  • Admission Representatives
  • Admission Call Center Staff
  • Recruitment Coordinator

Hands-on With Every Prospective Student

More than simply fielding inquiries, our teams work closely with your prospective students to ensure that they comfortably move toward enrollment and on to the class start with intention.  We take the time to understand the student’s goals, motivation, and potential roadblocks so that we can help them move forward.  With this information in hand, we can properly guide your students through the steps necessary to make the right decision about education and their own career goals.

We Go To Great Lengths To Understand The Prospect’s …

  • Program choice and how it relates to their career goals.
  • Ability to satisfy prerequisites.
  • Comprehension of the application process
  • Commitment to further their education.
  • The support structure, buy-in committee.
  • All the steps included in the entire enrollment process.

Your enrollment services teams will be able to not only understand these items but help the prospect to understand them better as well. This in part, helps to overcome objections and a smoother start to the enrollment process. Guidance on this level not only provides more value for your prospective students and reduces the days-to-enroll.

A Viable Alternative to OPM (Online Program Management)

The addition of the Enrollment Services Division completes the cycle for Colleges and Universities allowing for a complete fee-for-services solution starting with the advertising & enrollment marketing and then moving on to handle the contact strategy through the application process. We do not believe all schools need all the services all of the time, we fill in when & where needed. Why give most of the tuition to another company when you can exceed the performance of an OPM while keeping all the tuition.

We Are Truly The Extension Of Your School and Admissions Team!!

We want to be an extension of your school. We can provide any component of outreach, contact, or enrollment strategy in a seamless nature with your team. We can also take on the entire admission process allowing you to focus on your core mission.
We’re a group of innovative and creative thinkers who ask the right questions and employ the latest in contact and admissions strategies to drive enrollments. We consist of industry-leading experts who combine more than 60 years of Admissions, marketing, and leadership experience in for-profit, non-profit, OPM, and higher-education groups.

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