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History of Edufficient

In 2004, David Flack and Tom Ferrara founded CUnet- an interactive performance-based advertising agency specializing in higher education. Though the industry was in its infancy, CUnet successfully forged partnerships with schools and lead sources with their innovative inquiry management system allowing schools to take charge of their marketing campaigns. Their company was the first to implement the more performance-based pay per inquiry model instead of the traditional black box cost per inquiry model, focusing on transparency, thus helping create a benchmark for the industry. Unlike other companies, their focus was on quality partnerships and marketing techniques that resulted in top prospects for schools. In a short period of time, they forged solid relationships with both inquiry generation companies and schools, enabling CUnet to become one of the top agencies in the industry. In 2006, CUnet was acquired by Nelnet, Inc. (NYSE: NNI). Tom Ferrara was also the founding board member of Sparkroom, a leading SaaS technology platform for higher education inquiry & vendor management which was acquired by CUnet/Nelnet. After the expiration of their non-compete, David and Tom embarked on their encore: Edufficient, which was launched in 2012.

Edufficient is a results-driven advertising management firm specializing in higher education. Our objective is to facilitate long-term growth for colleges and universities through intelligent media buying and performance management, innovative technology, and progressive methodology. By serving as an extension of your internal marketing team, we share your enrollment and marketing objectives. Our founders David Flack and Tom Ferrara were key drivers of the shift in focus from inquiry quantity to inquiry quality- as they advocated schools rights to more transparent marketing processes. As they founded CUnet in 2003, they paved the way for schools to recover control of their online marketing efforts by instituting an inquiry management system based on the principles of accountability, compliance, and performance. This endeavor was since embraced by the industry- as more transparency and an emphasis on performance became widespread.

In 2012, Tom and David felt that more needed to be done to advance the movement they helped create. Now that there has been an unprecedented emphasis on compliance and the responsibility of school marketing and admissions departments, Edufficient was designed to partner with schools and inquiry providers to further evolve the industry through more advanced marketing strategies and management to increase student starts and reduce cost per start.

There is a large problem with the current inquiry generation industry – the tremendous amount of cost that schools are spending working on poor inquiries. Schools invest too many resources on poor quality inquiries when they could be placing an emphasis on the prospects more likely to convert into students.

By focusing on quality, all poor inquiry providers will be weeded out in a very evolutionary process, which is something that is needed in this industry. As your true marketing partner, Edufficient will take responsibility for your marketing efforts by efficiently budgeting your marketing spend instead of simply buying inquiries haphazardly to fill a monthly quota. This is accomplished through our philosophy of quality, as well as using our advanced technology to monitor both inquiry flow and marketing spend unlike any other inquiry management system available today. Our focus is to tidy up the inquiry generation environment and manage your interactive marketing campaigns as effectively as possible. Edufficient is fast becoming an industry leader in the educational marketing and managed services industry, providing campus locations/online schools with performance-based educational marketing, managed inquiry generation, inbound call generation, paid & organic search, social media, retargeting, vendor management, assessment solutions and managed marketing services.

Edufficient specializes in helping companies increase their classroom starts. Through experience, established presence, critical mass, technical infrastructure and integration with hundreds of premium distribution channels, we are usually the most effective means of generating and managing the sustained increase in quality inquiries & inbound calls needed to help schools reach their goals.

Founded May of 2012, Edufficient is a privately-held company based in Paramus, NJ & Rochester, NY.

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