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When You Love It, Selling Education Marketing Is Easy

Not many people dream of having a career in education sales but I can honestly say that I love my job at Edufficient and adore the education market. Selling education is easy when I have the opportunity to affect the process that provides the gift of education for people that are looking to change their lives. I also enjoy working with education institutions and other education partners. It’s a win-win situation for me, as it provides these prospects that we generate through multiple digital marketing avenues the ability to find, connect, and introduce them to colleges and universities. This improves the lives of not only themselves but their families as well from an admissions perspective while simultaneously contributing to school improvement.

Passion and Experience in Education Sales

For the past 35 years, my passion and career experience, and professional development have afforded me an avenue to be able to do what I love and be in a place where I can help match schools with the people who are looking to make their lives better.  My work doesn’t only increase the school’s ability to enroll more students but it makes a difference in the lives of people and their families.

My Approach to Selling Education Marketing Services

The strategy and goal for sales and marketing have not changed over the decades. To sell to education institutions, it all comes down to finding the right student at the right time and for the right program. There are multitudes of programs, at various degree levels within many colleges and universities. When starting a new campaign the colleges provide us with exactly the type of student that they want to recruit that has the best opportunity of success in their programs.  With good schools and a good sales team, the sales process is easy

Being Flexible to Best Serve Our Education Clients

Prior to the pandemic, colleges provided us with the vehicle of how their courses are whether online or brick and mortar. Today, many schools have had to change from a campus-based school to a hybrid or fully online program. At Edufficient, we are excited to be able to help these schools strategize for these changes and help them prioritize their budgets for their change in methodology from campus to online.

Connecting with Great People

Another great thing about my job and education sales is connecting to the thousands of various career schools, colleges, and universities strategically aligning the schools to develop various digital marketing strategies to find and marry the school with great prospects specifically for the programs they offer. The goal is always to build trust and recruit students that start school and graduate. I have a term I always use called Enroll Graduates. This is the goal of ours when generating prospects for our partner schools.

Selling education marketing services a unique opportunity as we create contact with our clients and these prospects may have never found each other if not for our services promoting and recruiting potential students for our partner schools. 

The process then leads to a graduate who now has the knowledge and skills gained through our partner schools that open up career opportunities that these newly found prospects would never have had if it wasn’t for Edufficient’s expert lead generation services.

Here Are 10 Things I Love About Selling Education Marketing Services:

  1. Helping people. Selling education is an occupation where you spend most of your day helping those around you and better people’s lives.
  2. Making people see what is possible.  Education sales are about helping people see and achieve what they didn’t think was possible. It about helping, but it’s more than that. As an education salesperson, you must help people see and attain what they once thought was impossible.
  3. Remaining optimistic. I felt I was always optimistic, even long before I got into sales, but being consistently rejected helps you create the superpower of optimism. It is amazing what opportunities present themselves when you view everything optimistically.
  4. Expecting the unexpected. With each new day comes new and exciting challenges.  I’ve learned to embrace the unexpected and have learned to grow from it.  When the unexpected becomes the expected, it is astonishing how that can change one’s outlook on life. 
  5. Continuous learning.  Most education sales are about constant learning. Not a day goes by where I don’t learn something new. When you have the opportunity to sell to many different schools and partners, the learning just comes naturally.
  6. Graduation celebration. There is no better feeling to watch a graduate walk across the stage and get their diploma to fulfill their educational journey. The graduate is now ready to fulfill their career and improve the lives of their families. The tears of joy are relentless from the families as this may be the first person who ever graduated from a college and some of them never attended college or even finished high school. What they see is a path to success while they celebrate their family members’ success. It’s amazing that I have tears of joy at every single graduation knowing I had a part in their path to success.
  7. Building Relationships. Throughout my sales career, I have been able to meet so many different people from all walks of life, each with their own, unique story. The long-term relationships that I have developed because of them have been a huge blessing in my life.
  8. Overcoming challenges. I am thankful that sales are not for the weak.  The obstacles I’ve had to deal with over the course of my career, and the lessons  I’ve learned from each one, has without a doubt made me a better salesman and human. The pressure of sales has helped me refine those skills.
  9. The rewards are unlimited. The things I’ve been able to do and achieve far more than I ever would ever imagine thanks to being in sales. Education sales have provided me with amazing rewards.
  10. Personal satisfaction. The personal satisfaction I’ve gained has shaped my outlook on life and how I view everything.  With every new sale and every newly enrolled student, I feel better about myself that I was able to change even just a tiny part of this world.

In Closing

Ultimately, it’s a blessing knowing that we made a difference in hundreds of thousands of students’ lives now career ready through a gift of education gained and it started with us. If you are responsible for marketing your school to high-intent students and love your job as much as I do, let’s talk. I am sure there will so much we can learn from each other.


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