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Marketing Automation Articles

Our marketing automation articles provide a wealth of information and strategy surrounding the use of marketing automation tools and services. Marketing automation is an extremely powerful solution that allows growing enrollments to scale by streamlining, automating, and monitoring your enrollment-related marketing tasks. What used to be used by the elite marketing agencies in the world is becoming more commonplace, which means marketers need to make sure they’re moving away from drip and mass email marketing to automated engagement marketing in order to stay competitive.

marketing automation featured
One of the great things about the Edufficient lead platform is its ability to integrate and connect with some of the most cutting edge marketing tools in the industry.  Adding marketing automation platforms and management to our arsenal has garnered tremendous success for our clients. Through our experience, we have evaluated, tested, and managed many […]
lead nurturing strategies
If you’re a marketer in the Higher Education space, you’re constantly thinking about your overall digital strategy and how to stack the funnel. If your digital marketing strategy doesn’t include lead nurturing, you could be missing out. So what does it look like to cross the finish line by utilizing an effective lead nurturing strategy? […]

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