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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the most tried and tested marketing channels in digital marketing. SEO is more or less the editing and positioning of content to achieve a higher rank on search engines.  Our group of SEO articles, resources, tips, and tricks are all published to help you better stay informed on the latest trends in SEO.  See below for everything you need to know about SEO in the new era of voice, images, videos, mobile, and of course, keyword-led traffic.

storytelling marketing fi
The Power of the Story The power of storytelling marketing is integral to the human experience. In its most primal form, storytelling served as a way for people to make meaning out of the world around them, and in turn, pass that meaning down between generations. Over the centuries, the power of the story has […]
Core Web Vitals SEO
Google search as we know it has seen a significant facelift. To further optimize their platform, Google released a major algorithm update in mid-June to enhance its users’ browsing experience. The page experience rollout encompasses several ranking factors in its scoring. The latest being Google Core Web Vitals, which is relatively new to the SEO […]
Mobile Optimization
Mobile optimization has emerged in the digital age making dial-up Internet and slow loading websites a pain point of the past. In higher education specifically, mobile technology has played an increasingly greater role. It’s safe to say mobile devices have taken over the world. With just a few clicks in the search engines, students can […]
Voice Search Optimization
Just when you thought optimizing your website for search on desktop browsers was becoming tough, optimizing your website for mobile search comes along. Once you are almost at peace with the fact that you might have mobile search engine optimization down, then along comes optimizing your website for voice search. Alexa, Siri, Google Home, and […]

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