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CTV and OTT TV For Higher Education

Due to the increase of streaming options, how people watch TV is changing along with their ability to connect with great advertising. Through on-demand streaming options, consumers, including your prospective students, can access their favorite shows when they want and where they want. With these advancements in entertainment technology, over half of the US population (58%) has become a subscription over the top (OTT) viewers.1 Company and businesses looking to market their services are having to adjust like never before. If you are still running advertisements on traditional cable networks don’t miss out on the fast-growing market of OTT and Connected TV (CTV) viewers. Our OTT TV and CTV services could help you stay ahead of the game and reach your higher education marketing goals.

Targeting Done Right

Effectively target your leads with Edufficient by leveraging our partners’ proprietary Household Device Graph. This graph, combined with 2nd and 3rd party data, will help us build a thorough profile on the various buying habits, interests, and specific characteristics of that household and give you a clear vision to campaign successfully. Our targeting capabilities at Edufficient include:

  • Demographics
  • Geography
  • Consumer interests
  • In-market shoppers
  • Intenders
  • Custom audience requests
  • And more!

Ads How You Want, Where You Want

Built from over 125 trusted partnerships, our Partner’s Network is a source of knowledge and expertise we make available to our clients. Having access to our partners could give you the opportunity to create your next commercial with a Telly Award Winning Production Team. At Edufficient we want to connect you with the best of the best while still leaving ownership of the commercial in your hands. As our client you could freely access the following services:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Voice talent
  • Licensed Music
  • Graphic Design and motion graphics
  • Editing and Post Production
  • Stock footage (image/video)

We also offer unlimited multi-platform distribution, as well as various options for commercial production. With Edufficient you could also choose from the following:
Editing only (hourly rate)

  • Fixed price basic commercials: 15 seconds or 30 seconds
  • Fixed price advanced edit: 15 seconds or 30 seconds
  • Additional versions

Through a connection to our Partner’s Network, you could have access to hundreds of publishers and programming networks allowing your ads to run on top TV shows, hit movies, and even sports events. At Edufficient, we support your vision and give you complete control of where your ads run such as during:

  • Sports
  • News
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Live Programming
  • On-Demand Programming
  • Reporting Done in Excellence

To help our clients reach their advertising goals we inform you on EVERY impression served through your ads. Our top-notch reporting metrics provide measurable outcomes to help you to analyze specific campaign results and plan accordingly. With Edufficient you can expect reporting to include:

  • Impression delivery graph
  • Campaign performance details
  • Video completion rate (VCR) with Quartiles
  • Complete Reach & Frequency breakdown
  • Network Level reporting
  • Device & daypart breakdown
  • Creative breakdown
  • Data breakdown by Zip Code
  • Hours watched

Why You Should Choose Edufficient

With Edufficient you can expect no short-form content, total frequency cap optimization, and non-skippable ads to connect you with the right prospective students. Most importantly we do not source inventory from open exchanges and will help you scale in all 210 US DMAs. Our Partner’s Network gives you access to more than 125 vetted, well-known, and trusted content partners you can glean from. Customizing your target audience and targeting those specific households has never been easier through our partners’ proprietary Household Device Graph. You can receive extensive reporting on your campaign’s performance and plan effectively for future campaigns. TV is advancing forward, is your advertising strategy moving with it? Connect with prospective students through our CTV & OTT TV services at Edufficient!

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