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Integrated Marketing for Higher Education

At Edufficient, we believe that a truly comprehensive enrollment marketing strategy requires a highly integrated approach. Integrated marketing allows communication to occur between multiple marketing channels that track and deliver unified brand messaging. Edufficient is a large proponent of using a multi-channel integrated marketing campaign to fulfill the enrollment needs of our education clients and make the most of their marketing efforts.

What is Integrated Enrollment Marketing?

An integrated marketing plan reinforces consistent brand awareness across several media channels improving online presence and rapport with your target audience. The overall effect translates to a more comprehensive experience for the potential student and a greater chance of converting that prospect to enrollment. 

Integrated marketing seeks to bind together all facets of an enrollment marketing plan including search, TV, radio, traditional, digital, SEO, social media, direct marketing, and more. A comprehensive, integrated approach increases the chances that your brand and direct response campaigns will deliver greater results, including increasing brand awareness, consumer recall, and intent to enroll.

The strategic value of the experienced Edufficient team will allow you to implement an integrated marketing initiative that allows your school to have a complete and consistent message. Talk to any of our clients and you will hear an endless list of answers to the question of why choose Edufficient. The real question …why would you choose anyone else?

The Effectiveness of Integrated Marketing Campaigns?

Every integrated marketing campaign has a different goal (e.g. brand awareness, nurturing, conversion, etc.).  Despite the differences in goals, there should be one thing in common that transcends both the individual campaign and the channel in which it exists.  That common goal is the presence and support of a unified marketing front.

An Integrated marketing campaign is hands-down the best way to understand and affect the student journey across marketing channels, from prospect to enrollment

To use a sports metaphor, if your marketing channels were players on a team, the integrated marketing campaign would be the team’s coach.  The coach is in charge of running the plays and helping each of the marketing channels work together as a unified team.

Integrated marketing campaigns are effective for multiple reasons:

  • They have a wider audience range than that of a single marketing channel.
  • They have better exposure across multiple channels, thus keeping your school’s brand top-of-mind.
  • As student prospects move from channel to channel, they develop trust for your brand at every touchpoint. 
  • Integrated marketing campaigns save you money since assets can be repurposed for different marketing channels

Cross Channel Attribution Technology

Once an integrated marketing plan has successfully deployed across all the intended marketing channels it becomes extremely important to measure and track that prospect behavior.   The measurement of prospect behavior and brand consumption is made possible with an effective cross-channel attribution model. 

 Cross-channel attribution undoubtedly delivers some serious benefits to schools that employ it effectively either on their own or through an agency like Edufficieint. It delivers a true holistic top-down view of your marketing campaigns.  This high level of cross channel data helps us to understand which touchpoints are delivering positive results. With rich cross-channel attribution, schools are able to identify where to invest marketing spend and inject complete data-backed strategies into their larger marketing initiatives.

Leveraging Collected Cross-Channel Data

Most schools do advertising and marketing, yet very few have an integrated marketing strategy. Big data analysis provides a peek inside; a chance to view the behavior of students at your institution who graduate. However, most schools either don’t have the ability to analyze all of the relevant data or the technology to build an integrated marketing strategy to act on it.

Filling In The Student Journey Gaps

Combining the advanced technology readily available today and proven surgical marketing strategies can make the difference between growth and decline. Edufficient starts with your student success data, our analytics group provides a deep dive analysis and provides you with an ultimate understanding of your institution’s success factors and behaviors of targeted student populations. We then help evaluate your current internal capabilities, suggest or provide the missing elements that will ensure success, and finally, we work together to drive qualified student growth.

Get Started with Integrated Marketing Today

Integrated marketing is the future of enrollment marketing. Students are not going to be interacting with brands through a single channel or platform. They expect schools to engage with them across the entire digital ecosystem. As a school, understanding how to not only build an integrated marketing campaign but how to optimize it and measure it, will be the key to meeting and exceeding your enrollment goals.

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