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Enrollment Marketing Consulting

At Edufficient, we immerse ourselves in your school or organization whether it be a consulting engagement or any other client relationship. We dig deep to uncover your marketing strengths and challenges so that we can understand the intended value, look for brand disconnects, and drive solutions that create more value for your school. The end result of any of our consulting engagements is a crystal clear assessment of your current enrollment marketing efforts, that identify gaps and turn them into actionable insights.

Digital Media Management Digital Marketing Button

Our digital media management services combine the talents of marketers, copywriters, and web developers with a high-level artistic and business-centered vision. Assembling this type of talent makes it possible to effectively capture the attention of your prospective students

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We believe that a truly comprehensive enrollment marketing strategy requires a highly integrated approach. Integrated marketing allows communication to occur between multiple marketing channels that track and deliver unified brand messaging. 

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Advanced analytics can provide the ability for a College or University to increase growth and marketing return on investment, organizations seem almost paralyzed by the choices and resources needed to understand the opportunities in front of them.

Performance Audits Digital Marketing Button

We can help you can undercover the reality of your current marketing power and areas that might be slipping. Request your comprehensive audit now. In order to set yourself up for success, you need to define it; and measuring your efforts in detail requires you to clearly define the criteria for success.

Goal Identification and Roadmapping

Enhancing your capability to vie for the attention of prospective students requires a thorough comprehension of your current marketing practices, abilities, and performance, as well as a clear vision of what your school perceives to the end goal. Having these goals clearly outlined at the onset makes it so there is always an unchangeable point of reference from which to grow. Edufficient’s Enrollment Marketing Consulting Services provides an organized way to assess your current enrollment marketing efforts across key fundamentals that will pin-point current gaps in marketing and technology capabilities, as well as identify forward-looking initiatives for the purposes of prioritization /execution.

Enrollment Marketing Consulting – Strategy Development

Enrollment Marketing is the ongoing and integrated set of brand communication and recruitment processes, metrics, goals, and marketing technologies that cover the entire student journey from prospect to enrollment. Your enrollment marketing strategy should also include carefully culminated objectives that intend to meet and exceed student enrollment and revenue goals for your school.

Operational Recommendations

With many of our enrollment marketing consulting relationships, many schools find that implementing operational recommendations and managing the transition process can be difficult. Schools sometimes don’t have the organizational bandwidth to implement changes and new workflows or simply lack the internal marketing expertise to move forward on strategy. Our consulting services are tailored to take advantage of identified opportunities and develop an action-oriented, measurable marketing strategy that creates enrollment growth.

Through on-going communication and on-campus visits, our consulting team provides continued accountability, serves as a resource to analyze and translate data, as well as assists in overcoming internal barriers to success. Our education clients tell us that they value our consulting service because it helps them focus the creating great experiences for their students.

Market Research Analysis for Expansion

Are you looking to expand your school into new locations or develop new programs for your existing locations?  Our marketing consulting services can develop actionable recommendations informed by patterned data findings as we look across our own big-data sets and those of our data sharing partners. From this data, we can recommend (and potentially execute) a marketing plan that will help your school grow.

Online Image and Brand Awareness

Our online brand and image consulting is designed to uncover and report the perceived familiarity and favorability of your brand as it impacts your target audience.  Our analysis includes in-depth reporting of monitored brand mentions and the sentiment in which they are made. We’ll scour the ends of the internet to find out exactly how your school’s reputation is impacting your financial success.  In addition to improved brand strategy recommendations, we also provide ongoing brand and trademark monitoring services.

Value Proposition Recommendations

Understanding the connections between quality educational programs and their resulting outcomes for your students is instrumental in the success of any marketing campaign. By analyzing the entire student journey, from prospect to class-start, we can identify your school’s positive impact points and create marketable value propositions. What’s more, is that we can also discover negative impacts your school may have had on the student journey and bring them forward to be addressed. The end result is the creation of positive student experiences at your school.

Client Agency Collaboration

We find that people support the things that they help create, so we proactively encourage collaborative synergies with our education clients. Of course, we like to proactively propose solutions but we also subscribe to active listening that we believe also nurtures supportive solutions. Our enrollment marketing consulting services are based on trust and partnership.

Education Industry Intelligence

Current industry knowledge is one of our biggest values. We are committed to constant improvement and continually staying abreast of the industry trends in education and enrollment marketing. The education space is an ever-changing industry and we like to consider every day a new learning experience. We challenge ourselves to take on at least two cutting edge ideas every single day to stay ahead of the pack.

Put Our Experience in Higher Education to Work For You

Our devotion to an empathetic understanding of higher education has been shaped by over a decade of professional leadership in the space. We have partnered with over 400 colleges and universities and are looking to put that experience to work for you. Talk to us about our enrollment marketing consulting services today.

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