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Admissions Call Center Services

In order to stand apart in the hyper-competitive higher education industry, schools and colleges must remain focused on creating an excellent experience for their students, from prospect to alumni. This of course takes time, money, and resources to execute effectively. To help you continue to maintain focus on creating great learning experiences for your students, we look to help you shoulder some of the more tedious tasks involved in large scale lead generation. Our admissions call center services free up your faculty and staff by removing the burden of having your team handle large volumes of incoming calls and follow-ups. We do this by providing experienced call center solutions geared to help you increase enrollments.

In addition, to fielding inbound prospect inquiries, our outbound call center agents help drive new high-quality enrollments overall and at times when pending class-starts are in danger of being missed. Smart and timely outbound contact strategies could be the key to persuading a prospective student to enroll, versus losing them to a competitor. More than just an answering service, education call center services are now an extremely important component to bridging the gap between marketing and admissions.

Put Our Call Center Services Experience to Work for You

At Edufficient, we have worked with hundreds of colleges and universities and have seen a variety of best practices. From this experience, we are able to glean the best of the best when it comes to contact strategies and processes.

Are you struggling with too many leads? Our Call Center Services can help you sit more students!

Most schools share the thirst for more growth, unfortunately, many don’t have the faculty and staff to do all that is necessary to be competitive and successful on their own. This is largely due to an inability to manage the volume of inquiries that come in from increased long-term lead generation efforts.

When the internal admissions operations cannot support the inquiry flow and necessary best practices to deliver effective follow-through and follow-up, advertising and marketing efforts are likely to fail and marketing spend wasted. In these instances, Edufficient provides schools with the experienced team necessary to fill in the gaps.

Areas of Need for Most Higher Education Institutions:

  • Qualify and Transfer – Edufficient will perform pre-qualification, and transfer successful leads directly to your admissions department
  • Appointment Setting – Edufficient will provide rapid call follow up, pre-qualification, and setting of appointments for your new prospects
  • Interviews/Enrollments – Edufficient will provide interviews and enrollments/APPS to your new prospects and transfer the APPS to your admissions department
  • Speed to Lead – Edufficient will provide rapid call follow up (within minutes) and transfer successful leads to your admissions department
  • Live Chat Management – Edufficient provides real-time response during defined hours of operation to your website visitors who engage with your site’s live chat feature
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns – Edufficient provides email automation, behavior-based email drip campaigns, live website tracking, and engagement monitoring
  • Referral Campaign – Edufficient will contact your enrolled, soon to grad/recently graduated students to uncover referrals for your school
  • Custom Campaigns – Edufficient will review your school’s current practices, after discovery we provide a list of opportunities performed either in-house by your staff or by ours

Prospects Expect Consistency Across Multiple Channels

As potential students incorporate more digital behavior into their social and educational research habits, the more marketing technology needs to adapt in order to be successful.  The contact center software used by our admissions-trained agents includes connectivity features that allow them to react to omnichannel customers and lead sources.

Getting Started with Call Center Services

Edufficient will work with your educational organization to determine your needs based on your enrollment goals, current capabilities, and existing staff. Depending on your needs, we might provide one admissions representative or up to an entire admissions team. Our call center services representatives will be trained on your tone, brand, and compliance requirements enabling them to perform as an extension of your admissions team.

By ensuring the best coverage possible at the crucial moments in the enrollment process, your school will be set up to fully benefit from your marketing and enrollment processes to improve on your student enrollment.

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