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Lead Generation for Education

Increasing ROI for University and College Enrollments

With increasing competition in the education sector, colleges and universities grapple to find students to get admissions. However, it’s no more a cakewalk- not even for Ivy League colleges in the United States. This is especially true amid the current COVID-19 situation. The entire sector is getting more digitized than ever in anticipation of remote learning, becoming a trend. Lead generation for education has never become more critical.

Students today are well-informed and have access to multiple colleges offering similar programs and facilities.

So, what sets you apart? A strong inbound marketing and lead generation strategy based on proven results, we say. Let’s talk about how.

Helps Understand Your Student Targets

The student recruitment cycles work at a break-neck speed, and any lapse in your actions will cause a loss of these potential qualified leads. Before you kick-start your inbound marketing action plan, you need to define your target audience.

Hence, our automated lead generation for education campaigns reaches the students you want at the right time and place. It begins with a comprehensive survey that gathers the information you’ll need to create a compelling message.

Whether you want to inquire about their age, grades, or contact information, a survey does it all. You can also drag this data out of your student administration system or CRM and cross-reference it to the right audience.

Delivers a Compelling Message

In this overcrowded digital space, you have a massive competition to get a student’s attention. Schools use various techniques and platforms to enhance their enrollments. If you follow their lead and serve students with more information than they need, you’ll end up overwhelming the potential leads. So, make your story pop brilliantly in the ever-growing blur of information.

Third-party vendors can handle your lead generation for education campaigns using dependable lead magnets, paid ads, websites, and targeted landing pages. And, you can expect a database of students who are waiting for your communications.

However, be specific as these students already have high-level information about your institution. Provide precise information, preferably about the programs they are interested in. Keep your response time quick, so you won’t let them wait for the details they need. 

Remember, you aren’t the only fish in the pond. So, promote the USP of your college, university, skilled trade school, technical school, community college, or career school, but don’t oversell.

Ranks High on the Search Engines

Before signing the enrollment agreement, prospective students would want to know everything about the higher education programs you offer. Since this is the awareness phase of the funnel, you need a story that tells more about your college or university and its benefits.

Digital search marketing comes to your aid here. It helps create effective content and leverage your marketing strategies to build organic rankings by optimizing them. Schools are the cornerstones of intellectual information.

Paid search ads further boost your lead generation program and rankings in digital searches. You can also create relatable ads with relevant information and result-driven keywords. Luckily, we know how to do it right with automated processes that capture every micro-moment when students look for some information online. And we do it on the platform they prefer, be it social media or search engines.

Nurtures Leads Down the Enrollment Funnel

Education leads need to be nurtured much differently than just a potential customer. While lead generation is essential to getting students in the enrollment funnel, lead nurturing is vital to keeping them within reach.

Incorporating a lead nurturing strategy can not just help you connect with prospective students, but also empower them toward healthier engagement and conversions. If you haven’t already, we heavily encourage you to consider it. And maybe even evaluating a marketing automation platform to further develop your overall strategy.

Uses Lead Generation Management (PPL)

Third-party vendors offer cost-effective and targeted lead generation for education. They generate organic leads from people actively looking at various admission options for better leads and higher ROI. 

A vendor provides aggregated information of various institutions offering a program that interests your targeted students and matches the leads to the respective schools. The schools pay these vendors for their lead generation services, but maintaining compliance and trust is essential in this process.

You need a market-oriented approach to vendor management for effectively accomplishing your objectives with higher transparency and better performance. Our team uses an advanced automated spidering technology to search and identify the sites or lead generation vendors using your trademarks or logos for promoting unapproved paid searches. It maintains stringent accountability and integrity with higher levels of compliance.

Our product or services include paid search monitoring, surveying online inquiry forms, and maintaining the best practices in the third-party lead generation programs to find any discrepancies or non-adherences. We work closely with the schools to define metrics relevant to their offerings for enforcing the correct rules and procedures.

Ensures Compliance Monitoring

Even after you hire lead generation vendors, there’s always a risk of lapsing in compliance related to your industry. In higher education, the consequences of non-compliance can be fatal to your reputation and bring harsh fines or loss of your accredited status.

Since your school’s brand is susceptible to third-party vendors using it without your consent, we can avert these risks with thorough compliance monitoring. It involves monitoring the third-party inquiry visiting your websites to detect brand violations, contacting the offending vendors on your behalf, transparent reporting of non-compliant content, lead audits, and trademark or search engine spidering to identify companies violating your trademarks without your consent.

Leverages Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Once the vendor gets you the leads you want, you’ll want to promote your information to these leads. It may involve sending custom emails that differ from regular inquiries. Most students already know about your institution, so emails introduce specific programs and encourage direct actions like campus visits.

You’ll get more personalized information from the students by merging custom fields in your email addresses and segmenting the third-party leads according to demographics. Linking the emails to your website serves as the final destination of lead generation and enrollment marketing.

Guide your leads to specific pages like program list, financial aid, course content, fees, and accolades to deepen the knowledge of prospects about your institution. If you find it a tedious endeavor, use our customized email marketing platform that uses multivariate autoresponders and behavior-based email remarketing tools to send individualized content at the right time to the right prospects.

Ties the Loose Ends Together

A winning lead generation for education strategy reaps rich results by following the right marketing mix that includes pay per lead. Even after hiring third-party lead generation vendors, you may not get the expected results soon.

Hence, you need to tie all the ends and iron out the creases in your marketing strategies with the best messaging and distribution channels. It requires a sustainable and predictable lead generation pipeline that increases ROIs for enrollment management.

With proper compliance, consistency, and accuracy in your marketing messages, you may exceed your enrollment targets and improve graduation rates. Our platform follows your guidelines for managing your third-party vendors and keeps your institution protected against any regulatory action. To learn more about lead generation for education to Third-Party Inquiry Management, contact our sales team.


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