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Fishing in a Crowded Lake

Many higher education institutions in today’s competitive environment struggle with meeting their enrollment goals. Is your institution one of them that needs to re-examine your enrollment marketing strategy? Chances are you could reach your goal of raising enrollment rates by applying a better plan to market your school’s programs. Are your admission offices at the head of the line in filling class starts? If not, your enrollment marketing could be missing key elements.

What is a Good Enrollment Marketing Strategy?

A good enrollment strategy is a collective approach that is designed to both attract and engage prospective students. These fine-tuned marketing strategies have a direct impact on your enrollment, value recognition, and application retention.

Today’s prospective college students differ from those who applied in earlier generations. enrollment marketing strategy goes beyond traditional content marketing. Think of it as student marketing with a twist. At Edufficient, we show you how to super-charge your student recruiting efforts with data-driven methodologies.

Many marketing agencies promise increased leads. Your higher education digital marketing plan needs more technology driving it to deliver better lead generation. Our enrollment marketing approach helps you more easily to deliver more potential students from the resulting higher intent leads.

Our approach to Enrollment Marketing helps you successfully leverage your data to raise your enrollment outreach. Colleges typically advertise and market. If that is all you do, you are missing out on the benefits of an integrated marketing strategy. This involves Big Data analysis to identify the behavior of your graduating students. Most colleges lack the ability to leverage this hidden information to let them build an integrated marketing strategy that gets actionable results.

Let Edufficient’s experience in developing best practices lead you to a higher quality in student recruitment. Our comprehensive inbound marketing and enrollment strategy is based on an integrated marketing approach. Put our big data analysis processes to work for you. Experience the enrollment gains from our advanced technology and proven surgical marketing strategies to bring your recruitment program growth rather than continued stagnation or decline.

What exactly is an enrollment marketing strategy and why do you need it? Find out how it can help fill the gap in your higher education marketing plan. Understanding Edufficient’s enrollment marketing technology is important. It is not just a boilerplate approach to maximizing student enrollment results.

Is your enrollment marketing operating at its full potential? Let us do an all services marketing audit today!

Why You Probably Need an Agency Like Edufficient

Two words should help answer the question about why you need Edufficient. Those two words are EXPECT MORE. You expect more from your recruiters. You expect more from your students. Traditional marketing efforts are not enough to reach the target audience of colleges and universities.

If you really do expect more, here are three more reasons for putting our higher education marketing strategies to work for your institution – more digital marketing strategies, more focused marketing efforts, and more than what other institutions are doing for student recruitment. Edufficient’s digital marketing strategies will deliver well-qualified leads. Our focused marketing efforts help you to identify and nurture potentially qualified students from the pool of potential applicants.

Does your enrollment marketing strategy consist of a variety of different touchpoints? This is a must for more powerful student recruiting. This could very well be an essential element that is missing from your current higher education marketing strategies. No student recruiting plan is complete without SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, and Email.

These services are critically important in identifying high intent leads that you can successfully nurture to enrollment. SEO or “search engine optimization,” is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. Two-thirds of schools fail to invest in SEO to improve their rankings because they do not understand the difference between branded and non-branded traffic. A Paid Search campaign only works with constant monitoring and analysis that we provide to gain in-depth insight.

Customize Your Enrollment Marketing

Edufficient helps you to create a custom enrollment marketing strategy that is driven by a performance-based marketing plan that measures students by more than just clicks. This is how we help higher education facilities enroll more qualified students. We offer a variety of higher education digital marketing services including SEO, Paid Search Management, and Social Media Management.

Edufficient’s SEO service goes far beyond what is routinely offered by all major search engine companies on the Internet. Our core SEO strategy is built on a mix of branded and non-branded key terms. Few higher education marketing services offer both paid and organic social media management. By offering both, we give you a stronger social media presence, which is a key component for any organization’s digital marketing arsenal.

Two other tools that energize your marketing results are Paid Search Management and Email Marketing Automation. Our Paid Search Management service analyzes and evaluates analytics on campaign performance to continually make refinements. It uses A/B test strategy to ensure the best ROI, and it makes suggestions based on data.

Email marketing automation is one of the newest innovations that make digital marketing more efficient and effective than previous email marketing strategies. We use the latest software platforms and technologies that focus on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automates repetitive tasks.

A Strong Catch

At Edufficient, we use both best practices and the latest digital technology to keep your student enrollment marketing strategy productive and efficient. Let our marketing experts keep you from becoming that errant fisherman we mentioned at the start who did not know where or how to cast his lines to secure the best catch.

Smash those enrollment goals! Reach out to us today and let us get started on your campaign!


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