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Compliance Monitoring Services

As the higher education industry evolves, compliance should be at the forefront of every college and university. Your school has the corporate responsibility to protect student data and adhere to legal and financial compliance. Whether your brand messaging is available through digital or traditional platforms, communication should be consistent and abide by government laws. 

Failure to comply with these federal laws and regulations can result in serious consequences such as loss of accreditation, hefty fines, or a closure of an institution. There is no better partner to help mitigate your school’s risks than Edufficient. Our compliance monitoring services are designed and managed by our highly knowledgeable education experts. Each integral team member assigned to your account will make it their mission to uphold your compliance procedures.

Education Compliance Monitoring is Challenging

As schools and universities increase their enrollment and start goals, the added exposure from marketing can come with higher threats. Ensuring compliance across multi marketing channels and various vendors can become a daunting task for school executives and compliance departments. 

Avoid reputation damage and monetary loss suffered at the hands of loose compliance monitoring. Allow Edufficient’s compliance services protect your brand.

Let’s face it, not all marketing partners are created equal. Some will abide by your brand messaging while others partake in deceptive tactics to capture student information. This can impact your revenue and reputation if laws such as financial aid eligibility and TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) aren’t followed. For TCPA fines, the penalty can range anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per violation (per phone call or text). There is no cap set to damages meaning your school can become susceptible to millions of dollars in penalties. In order to lessen the potential impact of these risks, you need to be proactive and prepared to respond to these issues. 

How Edufficient Can Help You Mitigate Risks

We’ve been helping schools with education compliance monitoring for more than a decade. Our team has helped hundreds of schools weed out the bad apples derived from marketing channels. We have identified a “blacklist” of aggregators whose practices are unethical and put schools at risk. At Edufficient, we only partner with lead providers who have a proven track record to convert and provide us all of their ad copy, call center scripts, and marketing materials. Before any marketing partner can go live on your campaign, you will have full access to request edits and review the materials submitted. At Edufficient we thrive on transparency. Protecting your school brand and financial stability is our top priority. 

Would you like a second opinion on your schools compliance standards and enforcement?

Leaving Little to No Room for a Margin of Error

With our strict compliance monitoring processes, we leave little to no room for a margin of error. Each month we do manual and technical monitoring to detect compliance, trademark, and brand violations on third party websites and call centers. We focus on every detail including auditing calls and transcribing phone conversations between call center agents and potential students. If the call or website we audit isn’t up to compliance standards we will “scrub” the lead on the school’s behalf to ensure you’re only paying for top quality. If there is a violation detected you will be notified immediately and we will enforce the resolution.

Edufficient provides comprehensive compliance services and audits for:

  • Web Vendors
  • Aggregators
  • Lead Providers
  • Inbound Call Transfer Providers
  • Easy Ad Creation
  • Internal Contact Centers

We Can Accommodate Special Compliance Needs

Our higher education compliance and management team is prepared to meet your diverse requirements. Whether it is having a highly custom compliance matrix drilled down to a partner-level or customizing your reporting needs, we are equipped to identify and address compliance risks. Edufficient serves schools and universities in both the public and private sectors. 

Avoid Reputation Damage and Monetary Loss

Edufficient recognizes the unique challenges associated with compliance in a higher education setting. Schools like the institution you represent cannot afford to pay fines or put their institution at risk. We want you to focus on your expertise, which is preparing the next generation of learners in their chosen careers. To learn how Edufficient can add value to your compliance program, request a compliance services audit now.

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