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Pay Per Lead Marketing FAQs

If you are responsible for meeting enrollment goals for educational programs or products, you know that bringing in new students is the lifeblood to meeting goals. With so much competition, you might have determined that you need to hire a costly professional marketing team to help you break through the noise and reach your target audience. However, hiring in-house is expensive and does not always guarantee results. Consider running a Pay Per Lead Marketing campaign with a managed lead generation agency.

Even worse, focusing on marketing can often divert your focus from doing what you do best.  ENROLL STUDENTS.  You could turn to traditional marketing but that often be hit-and-miss, unmeasurable providing you with an uncertain return on your marketing investment. That’s why it makes sense to engage an enrollment marketing agency that offers Education-based Pay Per Lead marketing. Here’s how Pay Per Lead Marketing can work for you:

What are some of the marketing channels used by PPL partners?

Advertorials Linkedin Company Profile Ringless Voicemail
Affiliate Marketing Linkedin Group Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Aggregator Inclusions Local Search Marketing SEM Search Engine Marketing
Blog/Microblog Magazine Adverts Smart TV/Xbox/Console App
Call Center Marketing Email SMS/ Texting
Content Marketing Microsites Social Media Marketing
Course Catalog Mobile Advertising Sub Affiliates
Digital Banners  Mobile App Tablet App
Display Remarketing Paid Placements / Media Buys Telephone Automation (IVR)
Email Leads Pay Per Call TikTok
Email Marketing Pay Per Click Transactional Email
Email Signatures Phone Calls/Phone Leads TV Advertising (OTT/CTV)
Facebook Ads Podcasts Twitter (Organic)
Facebook Advertising Presentations Twitter Advertising (Paid)
Google Ads Press Releases Video Chat
Images & Infographics Product Packaging Video Marketing
In-box Ads / Gmail Program Sponsorship Wearable Technology
Influencer Outreach Push Notifications Webchat / Chatbots
Inserts QR Codes Webinars
Instagram Radio Advertising Website Via Tablet/Mobile
Interstitials Recommend A Friend Yelp Profiles
Kiosks Relationship Marketing Youtube And Trueview
Linkedin Advertising Report Sponsorship YouTube Channels

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How does Pay Per Lead Marketing work exactly?

Pay Per Lead is an enrollment marketing model in which the education clients only pay for high intent leads that express interest in their specific programs. The school, the agency, and the marketing partners come to an agreement about how much each student lead will cost and how many they should deliver to the school each month.  Student leads are leads that are generated as a result of a “conversion action”.  Conversion actions such as requesting information about a program, signing up to receive emails, placing a call, or using a contact form are some of the simpler ways student leads are created. Your agency agreement with your PPL provider will ultimately determine how many leads you should project each month.  This in-turn dictates your enrollment marketing budget.

How do PPL Agencies get paid?

Pay Per Lead Marketing agencies get paid once they deliver the interested students that are ready to take the next step toward enrollment and/or class start. Because of the requirement, the marketing partners have a much greater incentive to bring high-intent leads to your admissions reps.  Leads that don’t meet certain quality requirements are returned for budget credits usually within a certain period of time for timely reconciliation.

Why should your school use PPL?

The most obvious benefit of running Pay Per Lead is that it has a more predictive result while reducing financial risk. By partnering with a Pay Per Lead Services agency, you reduce the unknown and simplify your enrollment marketing efforts. This is in part because you only pay for high intent leads. Higher intent PPL leads get a healthier return on investment than you would from other marketing campaigns,  If your school is struggling to find enough students, PPL is a proven method of bringing high-quality leads to your admissions office with a lower amount of financial risk to you.

Is PPL the same as digital marketing?

Not exactly.  Many PPL vendors/partners will use a variety of digital marketing strategies to generate quality leads on your behalf, but that is one tactic among many used to generate high-intent leads by PPL partners.

How does my school benefit from Pay Per Lead?

Apart from the cost benefits and better results related to Pay Per Lead marketing, your school will also gain invaluable insight into the demographics and online behaviors of your students. This data allows you to reach new students more effectively. It also helps you to decide exactly what a qualified lead should look like from a profile perspective, which will help you to adjust other marketing campaigns as well as the landing pages and other components of your website that drive conversions.

How should I get started with PPL?

If you haven’t run a Pay Per Lead Marketing campaign yet, we recommend looking at your current gap in enrollments both by campus and program.  Secondly, break down whatever current marketing campaigns that are currently running to determine how many leads they are providing.  With those numbers in hand, you can have one of our enrollment marketing experts create projections.  From these projections, we can determine exactly how we can help you meet the enrollment goals and what cost you could expect.  
If you already run PPL, you should first, calculate how much you are spending per lead with your current arrangement. If you find that student leads are low quality, exorbitantly expensive or you are not getting enough volume, it might be a good idea to switch to have Edufficient do a full audit. From there we can decide how much you can spend on each lead and how many leads you would need to receive each month.

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