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Digital Media Management for Education

Our digital media management services combine the talents of marketers, copywriters, and web developers with a high-level artistic and business-centered vision. Assembling this type of talent makes it possible to effectively capture the attention of your prospective students. We target specific audiences by creating marketing campaigns, websites, social media, email campaigns, and several other types of digital media. We assemble the digital media puzzle so that we can grow the visibility of your school brand for the purpose of increased enrollments.

Digital Media Management for Education

Schools today are more interested than ever in including education-seeking profile behavior into the enrollment marketing process. In other words, schools are now seeing the importance of digital media management and how it utilizes data from student prospect outreach through various marketing channels.

Using sophisticated tracking and analytical tools, we track prospects’ interests, hobbies, and behaviors, to not only profile enrollment-like qualities but custom tailor your digital media to more effectively appeal to those qualities. When you can create customized marketing experiences for your prospects, they are more compelled to act.

Trusted and Driven by Digital Innovation

Our digital media managers will work with your school to identify and implement an effective solution that aligns all your digital media marketing collateral into a single (well organized) functional unit. Don’t think you have the resources to take on such an initiative? Our enterprise-level technology teams and account management will fill in any resource gaps need quickly and easily. For a simple, well-organized implementation, you can rely on our integration and consulting services.

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We Use Outcome Measurements When Managing Media

When developing and organizing your digital media into a single focus, we use an outcome-type approach to ensure all media promotes your brand in a way where it produces the most benefit. We spend time to formulate meaningful media metrics. Positioning them with your enrollment/start objectives while still focusing on optimizing individual channel performance. We expand on your analytical data so that they shift from activity-based measures to student outcome-based metrics:

Activity-Based Metrics Examples:

  • Number of emails sent during an email campaign
  • Number of blogs posted in a month
  • Number of Facebook posts posted in a day

Outcome-Based Metrics Examples:

  • Number of interviews held with prospects
  • Number of applications taken
  • Number of enrollments or class starts

Let’s Get Started with Digitial Media Management

Let our team of digital marketing experts help create and distribute your school’s brand to the world. Our tested digital media management system will get you in front of large targeted audiences each week with top-notch creative, tracking, and integrated technical support.

Want to learn more about how we can help you more effectively manage your digital media, contact a Digital Media expert today!

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