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Third-Party Managed Lead Generation

Mobilize hundreds of marketing experts across a multitude of marketing disciplines with a singular focus on exposing your schools and programs. Third-Party Managed Lead Generation sometimes referred to as Third Party Inquiry (TPI) or Pay Per Lead (PPL), is the perfect solution for supplementing your existing marketing efforts. Unlike other marketing channels, third party inquiries can help you generate quality leads at scale and at an attractive cost per enrollment. The ability to augment your lead flow with this type of power and control is extremely important when other marketing channels experience maxed-out search volumes, slowdowns, or seasonality dips. We help our education clients maintain lead flow consistency by utilizing a tightly managed partner network of education-based marketing experts to help you meet your enrollment goals.

Our longstanding relationships with these partners are built on our commitment to performance and quality. The outcome is a managed partnership that facilitates the pairing of high-intent prospective students with your schools and programs through a number of diversified marketing campaigns. With both a pay per inquiry and pay per click models, we enrich your marketing efforts by delivering the highest intent prospects resulting in more enrollments/starts.

Our Market-Oriented Approach to Managed Lead Generation

Edufficient’s market-oriented approach to third-party inquiries and vendor management is designed to effectively guide your school toward achieving its long-term marketing objectives. Our mission is to enhance the relationships between you and high-quality third-party vendors by promoting a high degree of transparency and evolving the performance-based inquiry-buying model.

Mobilize hundreds of marketing experts across a multitude of marketing disciplines with a singular focus on creating more exposure for your schools and programs.

Putting Large-Scale Multi-Channel Marketing Within Reach

Create more marketing exposure for your programs with our multi-channel lead generation management campaigns (sometimes referred to as Omni-Channel Marketing). Our partner’s marketing teams use expertly produced media across a multitude of marketing channels including Content Marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Display, Emails, Instant Message/Chat, Video/TV, Influencer Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Marketing Automation, and more. While a multi-channel marketing approach at this level is usually out of reach for some schools, our managed partner network provides this opportunity to our managed service clients for the best possible outcomes.

Our PPL Account Teams – Experienced, Insightful with Great Attention to Detail

Our PPL account managers are knowledgeable and understand the goals and priorities of our education clients both inside and out. Our people embrace, display, and bolster your core values as if they were their own. They are highly experienced in the managed lead generation and well versed in all the latest education marketing products and services.

They pride themselves daily on the depth of insight they have about your company and your competition, as well as the strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities that come along with it. They know exactly how to make your school competitive in today’s education market by articulating the unique value or distinguishing quality of your programs.

White-Glove Account Management

Our account management team’s experience in developing best practices dates back to the beginning of the manged lead generation industry. We have continued to use deep-rooted industry knowledge to benefit our relationships with our clients and third-party vendors, leading to a higher level of account management.

The Edufficient white-glove account management style can be characterized by heightened levels of attention to detail, convenience, speed, and quality. This high standard of client service offers solutions, products, and services that are customized to each customer’s specific and unique needs. It is central to a customer-first mindset and made possible by the availability of data and advanced analytics to track a student’s individual journey in real-time.

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Our Network of Education Marketing Partners

Our trusted network of education marketing partners was constructed using a rigorous vetting process made up of high-end performance requirements, constant testing, and the enforcement of strict compliance standards. With a commitment to quality and performance at the foundation of our partnerships, we have successfully built a network that we trust will deliver the best value for our education clients. Edufficient fosters a true partnership between you and lead-generation vendors by working closely with all parties. We share a common goal of obtaining qualified prospects through the generation process of compliant and productive third-party inquiries.

The Edufficient Lead Management System – EMS

Our white-glove account management style is well-supported by an enterprise-class lead management system designed specifically for higher education. With a large amount of managed partners and millions of processed leads, a robust lead management system is an integral part of your success. Our Education Marketing System (EMS) is a proprietary performance marketing platform that offers lightning-fast lead processing, delivery, and reporting for massive amounts of lead data.  With our integrated business intelligence system, the EMS provides the data intelligence needed to render deep insight into your entire student lifecycle. 

The algorithmic lead processing uses customizable components like real-time validation, verification, de-duping, data sync, CRM conversion statuses, and scoring models.  The easy-to-use client dashboards provide a 360-degree view of your data providing full transparency.  The infrastructure is rock solid and chock full of useful features that provide deep insight into your lead data.  

Features such as pay per lead (PPL) media planning, pay per lead (PPL) vendor/partner management, digital FPIs, form builders, vendor invoicing, call tracking, and much much more.  The EMS technology suite is preferred by education clients and top lead providers alike, around the world due to the ease of use and integration capabilities. The usability of EMS technology lightens the burden of launching and testing new campaigns.

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Managed lead generation strategies to help ensure you grow your enrollments by converting the right visitors to students. You need to be contacted by qualified student prospects who are well on their way to making the decision to trust you with their education. Pay Per Lead marketing takes the guesswork out of lead generation across lots of channels, eliminating extra work while helping you meet your enrollment goals.

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