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Our Marketing Philosophy

Due to it being a relatively young industry, the education-specific inquiry generation and management space has come a very long way and is still evolving. However, schools must continue to take more control of the inquiry origin and distribution methods to fully capitalize on their marketing campaigns. Many schools pay agencies expensive management fees and entrust them to spend their marketing dollars for inquiries that do not convert into students or do not stay enrolled. The fact of the matter is that schools, agencies, and their marketing partners know that more transparency is needed in this industry to help foster the system’s long-term efficacy. However, the battle to improve inquiry quality and management has become increasingly difficult due to such a competitive environment, not only between the schools but also between inquiry generation companies. Now, the schools are forced to buy more and more inquiries, hoping that at least a few convert so that student start targets can be met.

Transforming Educational Marketing

Well, Edufficient is well-prepared to regulate the industry once and for all by not only being an advocate for the schools but by serving as their trusted marketing manager. Though we are a relatively new company, our industry experience as advocates for schools and more transparent inquiry generation is virtually unparalleled. Back in 2004, our founders designed a unique inquiry management system that has been simulated by many agencies years after. Our philosophy as an agency has always been “focus on the quality of the inquiries, not the quantity of inquiry flow”. We put our philosophy into practice as we trained our account teams to police the industry not only in terms of pricing but also in compliance. Our model was extremely successful because of our schools’ cooperation and our willingness to become smarter buyers and managers.

Now, a few years later, we are revolutionizing the industry once again.

Judging by the inquiry generation industry’s struggles to increase volume and quality, it seems that production techniques and management have not evolved as well as anticipated. So, why do prices continue to increase? Because schools are competing with each other to buy the most inquiries and inquiry providers are more than happy to sell them. The reason why inquiries are becoming more expensive is not that they are of higher quality, but because the demand has increased and the advertising costs have increased. That said, there is another large problem with the current inquiry generation situation- it is the tremendous amount of opportunity cost that schools are spending working on poorer inquiries. Schools invest too many resources on poor quality inquiries when they could be placing an emphasis on the prospects more likely to convert into students.

A True Marketing Partner

By focusing on quality, all poor inquiry providers will be weeded out in a very evolutionary process. And this industry needs that right now. As your true marketing partner, Edufficient will take responsibility for your marketing efforts by efficiently budgeting your marketing spend instead of simply buying inquiries haphazardly to fill a monthly quota. This is accomplished through our philosophy of quality and advanced technology to monitor inquiry flow and spend unlike any other inquiry management system available today. Our focus is to tidy up the inquiry gen environment and manage your interactive marketing campaigns as effectively as possible.

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