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Content Writing for Educational Websites

Content writing for the education industry, social media, blog posts, and/or any advertising vehicle that targets education-seekers takes a very special approach. In a lot of cases, content is sourced from school course catalogs and is written academically. While the program descriptions are often accurate and describe the details, it doesn’t function well as a piece of marketing collateral. What is worse is that boring content equals less engagement and performs badly in search engines.

Many times academic-style program descriptions are the type of content that reads dry and is structured in list-form. When website content is positioned in this way for marketing, it rarely appeals to the prospect and often results in a non-conversion. A trained education writer can write in a way where it is hyper-compliant and is still positioned in a way to “sell” a prospect on the program. Better content consumption naturally results in better SEO.

A Better Approach to Content Writing for Education

The better way to approach marketing content for college and university websites is to position it in a way where it is presented as a means by which we can improve the lives of the prospect. Instead of opening this kind of content with how great the programs and school are, we begin with the prospect’s intent in mind. We go to great lengths to understand the potential challenges that likely inspired the search query that led them to this content page. Armed with this understanding, we write to demonstrate your educational solution to their specific challenges.

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Education Content Service Benefits

  • A team of education trained content writers with specialized areas of focus
  • Experienced in writing content designed to capture the interest of education-seeking prospects and compelling them to act.
  • Every piece of content is professionally written, researched, and cited
  • An SEO trained content manager as a main point of contact
  • In-depth writing processes that incorporate your school’s style, brand, tone, and compliance requirements.
  • Advanced content marketing strategies that target programs based on enrollment goals and overall SEO need.

Professional Writers With Backgrounds in Higher Education

Each writer is specially trained and targeted for the best match to your program targets. Beyond a generalized specialty in education, writers usually have sub-areas of expertise that are taken advantage of during the assignment phase to match each assignment with the best writer. Content writing for educational websites.

Your Brand, Your Tone, Your Demo, Your Compliance Standards

Using client-provided information like brand guides, demographic data, compliance standards, and content samples, our SEO trained content managers to learn about your brand, tone, and enrollment targets. Once the discovery phase is complete, a governance document is created to communicate and train our writers to deliver perfect content that is on-brand, compliant, and compels the client’s prospects to move forward in their educational journey. This document stays on file and is used with each new writing assignment.

Education-Based Keyword Research

Not all educational program names are keyword-rich and can easily fail to be found by prospective students. With that in mind, Edufficient has the unique ability to research and select semantically connected keywords based on their relationship to the target program. The outcome is high intent traffic, and an increased ability to convert prospects to enrollments (not just form fills). Additionally, our keyword research process includes a gap analysis of your competitors to find the differences in their keyword target vs yours. Content writing for educational websites performs best when the keyword research is right!

Strong Prospect-Consumable Content Frameworks

Armed with the right keywords, a content framework is built by the content manager. This directional tool provides instruction to the writer that is broken down into keyword-rich “working title”, content sections, supporting and data points (double-checked for accuracy and compliance). This makes for a more organized piece of content writing for educational websites

Multiple Rounds of Careful Human Reviews

The content is reviewed and compared to the original content framework instructions by no less than two independent team members. All content is physically checked against your school’s brand and style guide, governance document, and compliance requirements.

Intense Mechanical Review and Language Processing

Using state of the art technology, all content is run through several artificial intelligence engines to check for originality, education level, tone, readability, keyword targeting, keyword density, topic enrichment, semantic language expansion, scan-ability, and mechanical grammar. Content writing for educational websites goes far beyond the simple act of writing course benefits.

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