Third Party Inquiry & Vendor Management

Edufficient’s market-oriented approach to third-party inquiry and vendor management is designed to effectively guide schools toward achieving their long-term marketing objectives. Our mission is to enhance the relationships between schools and high-quality third-party vendor management through promoting a high degree of transparency and evolving the performance-based inquiry-buying model.

We feel strongly that successful marketing partnerships rely on:

  • Trust
  • Value
  • Performance
  • Teamwork

Edufficient fosters a true partnership between schools and lead generation vendors by working closely with all parties; we share a common goal of obtaining qualified prospects through the generation of compliant and productive third-party inquiries.

Marketing Campaign Management

Our management team’s experience in developing best practices dates back to the beginning of edu-specific third-party lead generation, and we have continued to use this knowledge to benefit our relationships with schools and third-party vendors, leading to better best-practices for high-quality campaign management.Edufficient utilizes an automated spidering technology which searches for and identifies any companies or sites who are using your trademarks to promote unapproved paid searches on the top search engines.

The root of our service is a set of vendor management and performance principles that focus on maximizing:

  • Return on investment
  • Surpassing enrollment targets
  • Improving graduation rates

By adhering to strict compliance guidelines, we are able to maintain a level of accountability and integrity that is unmatched in the industry.

A Higher Level of Compliance

At Edufficient, our client services team is always focused on Compliance. In the past, our founders stressed practicing effective third party vendor management. Doing so allows our schools to maintain a correct, consistent marketing message to the audience.Schools face continuous pressure to be compliant with the entire marketing path of prospective students.

This includes:

  • Monitoring paid search terms
  • Untangling affiliate webs
  • Surveying an array of inquiry forms
  • Best Practices
  • Other metrics defined by the partnership between Edufficient and the school

We conform to your guidelines by enforcing strong rules and using the power of the schools. The schools provide the latest guidelines to Edufficient and we in turn manage our third-party vendors according to those guidelines. High quality is a non-negotiable standard for Edufficient, and the same level of quality is expected and enforced with our vendors.

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