Trademark Search & Policing:

Edufficient utilizes an automated spidering technology to search for and identify companies & URLs violating your trademarks with paid search on the top search engines. We incorporate sophisticated technology searches from various geographic points, thereby catching offenders who use geo-targeting to keep companies from seeing their results in the areas surrounding offices.

Edufficient staff can contact all vendor offenders, deduct payments, and warn of future repercussions. The audit is performed continuously and reported on frequently. We also can work with Corporate Council, for non-vendor trademark violators.

School Specific Metrics

At Edufficient, we use individual, school-specific metrics and aggregate data to create efficiencies and optimize accounts. This creates a highly valuable knowledge base, leading to informed decision-making as to how to best distribute your marketing budget and how to grow your business in the long-term. Our reports not only inform you, but guide you, as to how the industry is evolving and what steps need to be taken to maintain your competitive advantage. As a highly-regarded partner, we offer your College this analysis to go hand-in-hand with our lead management service. Our management is fluid, changing daily based on real outcomes and performance.

Research Analysis

This involves keeping track of industry best practices and competitor analysis. It is important for your account to benefit and evolve based on current industry direction and keep a step ahead of vendors and competitors. This becomes pivotal as the campaign grows due to increased competition in products offered, as well as in interactive placements. Tasks required for thorough research analysis includes surveying lead generation methods, lead quality measures, precise targeting, pricing and quality guidelines.

Due to the rapidly changing post-secondary education market and internet marketing tactics, it is crucial that your College stays a step ahead of the marketplace. In addition, research of new potential partner/affiliate sites, which relate directly to specific program offerings for your school, is a continuous task that needs to be maintained.

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