Compliance Monitoring Services For Higher Education

Every industry from engineering to automotive to education has its own set of regulations, laws, and guidelines.  Companies in an effort to adhere to those regulations develop compliance practices so as to make sure they are legally protected.  It is considered “bad practice” to distribute any content without making sure that the message going out is within legal confines.

Compliance Monitoring

Consequences of not being in compliance can be costly.  For educational institutions, the consequences can range from fines levied against them to losing their accredited status to being shut down completely depending on the severity of being out of compliance.

Edufficient provides comprehensive compliance services and audits for:

  • Web Vendors
  • Aggregators
  • Lead Providers
  • Inbound Call Transfer Providers
  • Easy Ad Creation
  • Internal Contact Center

Many third-party vendors may utilize your school’s brand without your consent or knowledge to drive traffic for their own purposes. These present not only risks to your school’s integrity but also your revenue and reputation. Our prospective students could receive misleading information about your school or may even be guided to your competition without your knowledge.
Our key deliverables include:

  • Human Monitoring

Edufficient staff continuously searches for and detects compliance, trademark and brand violations on all third-party websites. We believe in the human touch and see far better results when compared to spidering technology.

  • Enforcement

The compliance analysts will contact the offending vendor and affiliate sites and enforce resolution on your behalf and can also interact with your attorneys should it be necessary.

  • Analysis

Management system provides you with transparent reporting including screenshots of non-compliant content, descriptions of violations, late date checked, and access to every call inbound call transfer.

  • Monthly Lead Form Audit & Catalog

Edufficient has a dedicated compliance team which reviews and catalogs all inquiry forms identified and used by approved partners who generate inquiries for your school.

  • Trademark & Search Engine Spidering

Edufficient utilizes an automated spidering technology to search for and identify companies/pages violating your trademarks with paid search on the top search engines.Edufficient understands the need for your institution to be in compliance.  Our clients cannot afford to have to pay fines or put their status as an institution of learning at risk, and that is where we come in. Edufficient utilizes all methods described above to ensure that your learning institution is as protected and in compliance as possible.


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