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The development of better analytical tools and approaches in recent years have given business leaders and managers significant new decision-making firepower. However, while advanced analytics provide the ability to increase growth and marketing return on investment (MROI), organizations are commonly almost paralyzed by the choices available to them. As a result, business leaders generally rely on just one planning and performance-management approach. The pitfall is that even the most advanced single methodology has limits.

The multitude of activities and various audiences that marketing dollars usually support, and the variety of investment time horizons call for a more sophisticated approach. It is in our experience, that the best way for business leaders to improve marketing effectiveness is to integrate a multitude of MROI analytical reporting options in a way that takes advantage of the best returns of each. The benefits can be enormous: our review of more than 100 College and University client engagements since 2004, across various locations, modalities and programs, found that an integrated analytics approach can free up some 15 to 20 percent of marketing spending.

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