Managed Services for Higher Education

The higher education managed services is truly a market-oriented approach that was conceptualized to properly guide schools to achieve long-term marketing objectives. Our mission is to enhance relationships between schools and inquiry sources through further promoting transparency and evolving the performance-based inquiry-buying model. We strongly feel that successful marketing partnerships are based on trust, value, performance and deep collaboration. Therefore, Edufficient facilitates a unique environment where schools and inquiry generation companies can prosper through more concrete relationships- with parties sharing a common goal of obtaining more qualified prospects through compliant and efficient inquiry management.

Campaign Management and Growth

Our management team’s experience in developing many successful key practices during the early stages of the education-specific inquiry generation industry has stimulated an even more advanced set of time-tested best-practices that we steer our campaigns with. The root of our service is a set of management and performance principles that ultimately focus on maximizing return on investment, surpassing enrollment targets, and improving graduation rates- all while adhering to strict compliance guidelines.

Edufficient has unique experience with large and small inquiry providers, various marketing channels and campaign types and we leverage this knowledge to create a successful foundation for your campaign.

A Higher Level of Compliance

At Edufficient, our accounts teams place a high emphasis on Compliance. In the past, our founders have always stressed that we police our inquiry generation partners so that our schools maintain the most appropriate marketing messages to the audience. Now, schools are even more pressured to become even more compliant throughout their entire marketing path. Whether it’s monitoring paid search terms, untangling affiliate webs, or surveying an array of inquiry forms, we achieve conformity to your guidelines through enforcing strong rules by leveraging the power of the consumers- which in this case are the schools.


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