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What is Ringless Voicemail?

Edufficient’s Ringless Voicemail is a software system that will deliver a message to someone’s cell phone voicemail without ringing their phone. The message is pre-recorded by you, and broadcasted to thousands of voice mail boxes using the system.
Edufficients technology can deliver these ringless messages, in the same fashion as a voice broadcast system, with the big difference that the phone won’t ring.

This marketing communications tool, expedites the dissemination of your message at a low cost. Ringless Voicemail Broadcast is a compliant marketing and lead generation tool, for both targeted and mass marketing.

Edufficient’s Ringless Voicemail can be used for:

Lead generation follow-up

Re-enrolls, PDL’s

Student retention/appreciation calls

Mass delivery using a specific voice like Dean of Schools

Voicemail Marketing

Mass dissemination of timely/critical information quickly

Best of all, the client will never know you used a Ringless Voicemail Broadcast, because the message delivered is as clear as if you called and left the message yourself.

Edufficient’s Ringless Voicemail Broadcast was developed to take advantage of the growing voice mailbox infrastructure. Built to reduce what some people refer to as annoyance telemarketing calls. It’s an exciting new alternative that will not disturb anyone during delivery of a voice message.
Made with mass communication in mind, Ringless Voicemail Broadcast is an inexpensive means of mass communication.

Who can use Edufficient’s Ringless Voicemail ?

  1. Any company wishing to maximize their outbound phone calls and deliver a marketing or retention message to a consumer cell phone, can use Ringless Voicemail Broadcast.
  2. Any company using an existing outbound call center to call consumers can reduce their costs by using Voicemail Broadcast.
  3. Companies that require a specific message to be consistent, precisely worded, and mass delivered will benefit with our Voicemail Broadcast.

Why use Voice Mail as a medium?

People will always listen to their voice mail before deleting. You will have a guaranteed listenership for your message.
Voice mail does not consume fax paper or fax toner, and is not intrusive.

Your own voice adds a human touch, is as persuasive as you want it to be, and very personal. Your clients will appreciate a personal call. A personal call carries more value than email or direct mail campaigns.

Your clients will never know you used Voicemail Broadcast to clone your voice, and multiply your phone calling efforts. Voicemail Broadcast costs less than your employee’s base pay. Voicemail Broadcast is a faster campaign due to the fact that there is no training required and costs much less than your traditional call center.

Email lists are very transient. Telephone numbers are more reliable and don’t change as often, therefore your campaign will be more successful with a phone list, instead of an email list.

How Ringless Voicemail works

Interacting with the Voicemail Broadcast system is as easy as leaving a voicemail message by phone. You get a secure voicemail box in order to record your message in our central recording system. You can create and record your own script, however we have professionals in-house to help with both the script, and the recording process.
The script can be recorded as many times as necessary to ensure satisfaction. Once the message has been recorded, it is ready to be delivered. You can stipulate when the broadcast will start.

Some of the benefits

  • Fuses the power of direct mail and telemarketing for a fraction of the cost
  • Get immediate results
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Reaches thousands of people in a matter of minutes
  • No production cost
  • Access and deliver your message from any touch-tone telephone
  • Can target specific prospects or customers
  • Boasts guaranteed listenership
  • Extremely non-intrusive as message goes directly to voicemail without ever ringing the telephone
  • One-to-one medium
  • Much more cost-effective than conventional telemarketing

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