Services and Technology

We understand that your College wants to move forward with a leadership position, one of growth, respect and compliance, and thus stand out from the crowd of schools working blindly, doing business as usual, in the fast changing climate within the industry.  Edufficient eagerly looks forward to working hand in hand with your school to accomplish its goals and objectives.

A Higher Quality of Service

We will leverage our industry experience, contacts and resources to assist your College in achieving its goals.  You will receive unmatched, dedication, quality of service, attention to detail and flexibility with Edufficient.   We look forward to working together in a partnership of mutual growth & success.

Some of what you can expect from your Edufficient partnership:
  • Creative Support Services

Your account will also receive creative support services allowing for the creation and modification of inquiry forms, various ad formats and storage into a creative library.

  • Managed Service Staffing

Edufficient provides dedicated staffing levels to more than adequately manage all the services necessary to succeed with your campaigns.  The staffing levels and associated personnel will grow as your campaign grows.

  • Account Management 

Full, hands-on account management as the Edufficient account manager serves as an extension of your marketing team

  • Research Analysis 

This involves keeping track of industry best practices and competitor analysis. It is important for your account to benefit and evolve based on current industry direction and keep a step ahead of vendors and competitors

  • Vendor/Partner Relationship Management 

It is a significant task to manage sources to maintain and even improve quality as well as test and manage new sources to fulfill the increasing start objectives

  • Compliance Management 

As your base of inquiry sources grows over time, there will be a very large amount of web properties to oversee in terms of compliance.

  • IO/Purchase Order Fulfillment 

The account management team will execute and organize all insertion/purchase orders on your College’s behalf.

  • Monthly Invoice Reconciliation & Payment 

At the end of every month there is a lot of time spent on invoice reconciliation with each inquiry source and every property that is used to produce inquiries for your College.

Commitment to Innovative Technology

Edufficient promises to continue to break new ground leading the industry with innovation, technology and unmatched level of support thus strengthening our value in the partnership with your College.  We will work hand in hand with you to ensure that all functionality desired is in place and that new functionality is consistently developed to suit the growing and emerging needs of its business.

Based on our ability to create a more advanced, state-of-the-art technology, the Edufficient campaign will be more robust, dynamic, and efficient – translating to scalable campaign management and enrollment growth.

Edufficient technology features that provide our advantage through efficiency:
  • Technology Tooling 
  • Custom Dashboards 
  • Speed to Market 
  • Easy Integrations with Inquiry Verification & Scoring firms 
  • Advanced Payout Options 
  • Next Generation Inquiry Forms and Tracking 
  • Tagging and Categorization for Customized Reporting 
  • Library of Delivery Methods 
  • Advanced Analytics 

On-going Feature Development

Edufficient’s web-based administrative tools and dashboards are built using W3C cross-browser, cross-platform standards; including the world-renowned jQuery JavaScript framework and user interface libraries that work seamlessly alongside Twitter Bootstrap display and tooling libraries. This state of the art framework is the de-facto standard in next generation application development.

As an advanced framework it is not only the optimal choice for web-based applications but also provides an inherent ability to behave consistently across a wide range of mobile computing devices for affiliate widgets, mobile-ready sites as well as Android and iPhone apps as needed.  The application is further supported by Server-side technology that is 100% Java-based. JVM languages and tools are mostly known for their flexibility, speed and easy integration with one another and a variety of other client-side technologies, providing a rock-solid, fast, and powerful application development platform.


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