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Digital Marketing for Higher Education

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At Edufficient, we believe that changing with the tides is important– and that’s why we’re so passionate about what we do. Internet platforms are constantly shifting and we’re on board to shift with them. Every new cutting-edge social platform, technology advancement, or design method allows for challenging innovations. We see these challenges as unique ways to deliver measurable results. And we won’t stop there. We believe our core strategy of tweaking so much that we named our company Edufficient. We understand how creating efficiency for our clients helps to alleviate some unnecessary “leg work.”

We’re here to revolutionize the way our clients handle the digital marketing world.

Our team of SEO professionals take into account the unique challenges in higher education digital marketing – converting site visits into prospects and prospects into committed students. By implementing our core strategy we can increase search visibility, reduce bounce rates, increase CTR’s and maximize organic conversions.

Social Media Marketing Services

In the new digital age, social media marketing has become a key component in nearly every organization’s digital marketing arsenal. With the massive surge of users to social media sites (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc…), social media marketing is no longer an added bonus; it is a requirement. Several billion people are active on these social media websites monthly, and this presents an enormous opportunity to increase brand awareness, drive valuable traffic, and ultimately drive sales numbers to newly created benchmarks. Social media marketing incorporates both content marketing on the social media websites and paid advertising on these robust networks. Continued »

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO/SEM)

At Edufficient, we believe in adhering to best practices. And if you’re interested in the same thing, it can be FREE for you. Why? 90% of budgets go to PPC, only 10% of clicks go there. The opposite of that is only 10% of budgets approximately go to SEO, but 90% of clicks from users are going to organic results. We see this as a huge opportunity in conversion rate optimization (CRO). Continued »

Paid Search Management Services 

Pay-per-click advertising is an integral part of any higher education marketing campaign. The ability to immediately drive highly targeted traffic to a program or campus location is unmatched by almost any other advertising tool. Edufficient uses the very specific audiences and segments available on paid platforms to identify and capture high quality prospects.  With a proper campaign setup, Pay-per-click can be a great way of getting your brand in front of prospects actively searching for your education offer. Here at Edufficient, our number one goal is to achieve the highest ROI for all of our clients

Continued »

Remarketing Campaign Management

Remarketing lets you show your schools ads to people who have visited your website or clicked on your links. When people leave your website without requesting info, for example, google remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web, as they use mobile apps, or as they search on Google. Continued »

Autoresponders, Recirculation & Remarketing

Edufficient provides a comprehensive solution for your school to deliver instant customized multivariate autoresponders, behavior triggered email recirculation & remarketing, along with unique website visitor id. By delivering the correct individualized content to the prospect at just the right time and identifying when they return to your website and what pages they visited we can help your school significantly improve conversion rates. Continued »


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